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SKADE beat Nexus

SKADE and Nexus ended up with scores of 2-0.

By Rick
25 Nov 2021, 10:18
SKADE beat Nexus

Match SKADE vs Nexus took place in Pinnacle Fall Series league's serie Season 3 2021.

First was Dust2, which SKADE won with scores 22-20. SKADE defused the bomb 2 times and eliminated the whole team Nexus 11 times.

Battle ended with Inferno where SKADE dominated the game with scores 16-8. Nexus managed to defuse the bomb 2 times, but it was not enough for victory.

SKADE and Nexus ended up to result of 2-0 for the SKADE.

Adrian "XELLOW" Guta kept the enemy team alert with making the most kills, total of 27. They also made most headshots: 27.

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