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Eros won Cartel terranza

Eros and Cartel terranza fought against each other at Season 3 2023

By Rick
25 Jan 2023, 00:58
Eros won Cartel terranza

Match Cartel terranza vs Eros was played in Season 3 2023 serie at CCT North America league.

Ancient was a tough one, but Eros took the victory with scores 14-16. Team Eros defused the bomb 3 times which was enough winning the game.

Eros confirmed their dominance in Mirage winning it 16-4.

Eros won the match with scores of 2-0.

Most kills were made by Darius "PNDLM" B. who eliminated 18 opponents. Maxwell "xam" Power kept the enemy team in suspense by making 26 headshots during the game.

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