Upper Bracket Round 1 Match 2: Isurus vs Sharks | DreamHack Open South American Qualifier September 2021 | CS:GO News

Isurus got crushed by Sharks

Sharks defeat Isurus with scores of 2-0.

By Rick
15 Sep 2021, 03:29
Isurus got crushed by Sharks

Isurus vs Sharks was played in DreamHack Open league's serie South American Qualifier September 2021.

Match started with Nuke, which Sharks won with scores 25-21. Sharks defused the bomb 3 times which was enough for a win.

Match ended to Dust2 which Isurus lost with scores 10-16. Isurus was able to defuse the bomb 2 times, but Sharks eliminated the whole team Isurus 9 times, sealing their victory.

Match Isurus vs Sharks ended up with scores 2-0 for the loss of Isurus.

Most kills were made by Romeu "zevy" Rocco who eliminated 14 opponents. Most headshots were made by Nicolas "BK1" Cespedes: 25 pcs.

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