Lower bracket round 1 match 1: Sangal vs Wisla Krakow | ESEA Premier Europe season 38 2021 | CS:GO News

Wisla Krakow won Sangal

Wisla Krakow and Sangal fought against each other at Premier Europe season 38 2021

By Rick
13 Oct 2021, 20:28
Wisla Krakow won Sangal

Match Sangal vs Wisla Krakow took place in Premier Europe season 38 2021 serie at ESEA league.

Teams started with Inferno where Sangal lost with scores 12-16. Wisla Krakow defused the bomb 2 times which was enough for victory.

Winner was chosen in Nuke where Wisla Krakow took victory with scores 20-17. Sangal defused the bomb 1 times.

Sangal and Wisla Krakow settled the match for Wisla Krakow with the scores 2-0.

Most kills were made by Krzysztof "Goofy" Gorski who eliminated 22 opponents. Caner "Soulfly" Kesici kept the enemy team in suspense by making 23 headshots during the game.

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